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The beta PocketLoupe [pre-v1.20] is fabulous. It sets it apart from the other viewers with the instant thumbnails and the 4 second loading scrollable full image file tapping...Also I suggest you emphasize how well the iPaq displays in full sunlight, since laptops are useless there... - Bruce


Subject: Awesome Product

I have been using CalTrack for the last month, and (in addition to regular exercise) I have lost 8 pounds!

It has allowed me to REALLY see how many calories I take in every day, and how little I knew about some of the foods I was eating!

It simplicity and power are it's greatest assets!

Thank you for writing a wonderful application. I recommend it to all my iPAQ toting buddies who want to really take control of their diet.

Brent Lucas
Senior Information Systems Analyst
Lotus Notes

Pixfer for Pocket PC

From: Mark Loyack
Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2002 10:18 PM
Subject: Pixfer

I have been using your program with my Ipaq and the Travelstar 8E,.. it works great! Photographed a wedding today and transferred files in the car on the way to the reception. what a time saver!!

thanks Again,
Mark Loyack

From Bill Dewey, a Seattle photographer, excerpted from posts in the www.robgalbraith.com forums:

I now have this and like it, very much. You can use the 2GB PCMCIA hardrives for ultimate portability or the 8GB IBM Travelstars. One of the very nice things is that you can actually preview the images on the iPaq as well as use the iPaq for many other things. For example, mine is used as a GPS as well as all the other PDA stuff.


What intrigues me is that for not a lot more than one of the dedicated units, I can have something that becomes very multipurpose.