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Pocket Loupe


NOTE: This is the same help you will find on the device, accessed via Start > Help.

PocketLoupe Help


Disclaimer & Overview

Use is subject to the End User License Agreement provided during installation.

PocketLoupe displays JPG files and the large thumbnails from RAW digital camera images on your Pocket PC. (See www.glasslantern.com for the latest list of RAW and other file types supported, and note that PocketLoupe LE only supports JPG images.) The user interface is specifically designed to help you evaluate images while out shooting in the field, including zooming in on details and deleting bad images to save storage space.

This software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

Basic Use

When launched, PocketLoupe looks for supported files and displays the first one. If the image contains a thumbnail either embedded in the file or in a separate THM file, it is loaded first, and the full image is loaded in the background. After the full image has loaded, tap and drag on the screen to zoom and scroll, or tap the magnifying glass icon to zoom in and out. Use the left and right arrow buttons to move to the previous or next picture, or the thumbnail view button between them to bring up a page of multiple small images. The red X icon deletes the image that is currently displayed. The curved arrow button rotates the image by 90 degrees in the direction the arrow is pointing. To reverse the direction, select "Rotation is clockwise" on the menu.

The i button shows filename and EXIF shooting data. In thumbnail view, five thumbnails are displayed, with the additional filename and shooting text shown to the right of each thumbnail. In the main (single image) view, it also includes an RGB histogram to provide exposure information. The RGB histogram is essentially three separate histograms - one for each color channel. Where they overlap, the color is a mix. For example, where the green and red channels overlap, the histogram shows yellow. Where all channels are represented, the histogram is white.


The Menu contains the PocketLoupe settings. These settings are remembered between uses.

Menu Option              



Displays the About... panel and allows entering a license key.

Send via email...

Creates a new email message in the Pocket PC Inbox application and attaches the current image.

Save thumbnail

If the image contains a JPEG thumbnail, it is saved to \PLthumb.jpg in main memory.

Gamma (Brightness)

Choose a gamma from the popup list in order to compensate for dim displays on some devices. The higher the gamma number, the brighter the image will appear.

Confirm deletes

If unchecked, the delete toolbar button will immediately delete the displayed image without a confirmation message. If, however, there is a related file (e.g. a THM file related to a CRW file), a confirmation will still appear asking about the related file.

Dither 12-bit

When checked, images will be dithered for a 12-bit (4,000 color) screen. Turn this off if your Pocket PC supports 16-bit color.

Smart scaling

When checked, large images are scaled down when loaded to reduce time and memory use.

Rotation is clockwise

When checked, the rotate toolbar button rotates the image clockwise rather than counterclockwise.

Files > Digital camera folders only

When checked, only folders on storage cards used by digital cameras will be scanned for images. This can significantly speed up the program if you have many folders on your storage cards.

Files > TIF (w/ jpeg thumb)

Includes .TIF files in the file list. They will only be displayed if they contain a JPEG thumbnail. (Disabled in PocketLoupe LE)

Files > JPG / JPE

Includes JPG and JPE files in the file list.


Includes the listed RAW format images in the file list. (Disabled in PocketLoupe LE)

Purge cache now

Throws away all stored thumbnail and other information and re-reads all cards to generate a fresh list of files from scratch, as if the program was just being launched. Use this to free memory, or if PocketLoupe does not correctly recognize a card.

Tips & Tricks

Purchase & Contact

You must purchase a license key for PocketLoupe after viewing about 75 images, or it will blur the images and show them as negatives, as well as turn off some features. For full functionality, purchase a license key, enter it into the About... panel and tap OK. If the key is valid, all applicable features will be enabled. Note that you can purchase a key for either the full version of PocketLoupe, which includes support for RAW format images, or PocketLoupe LE, which only supports JPEG images.

Send bug reports and comments to support@glasslantern.com. Please include:

Future Features?

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