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Pocket Loupe


You can either run the PocketLoupe Setup program directly from your browser, or save it to your hard drive and run it from there. When the Setup program is run, it automatically installs PocketLoupe on your Pocket PC.

Download PocketLoupe v1.70 now - Windows Mobile 2003 or later REQUIRED (approx. 115KB)

System requirements:

beta version

Please note that since this is a beta version, it may contain serious bugs. It has not been through our entire test suite. Do not use it with data that is not already backed up. Please send us bugs, comments, suggestions, etc at support@glasslantern.com.

Beta Version 1.74b provides much improved support for recent Nikon .NEF files that contain large embedded JPEG versions of the image (e.g. D70s), plus support for Minolta 5D & 7D .MRW files. NOTE that we've seen a single case of a D70s NEF file appearing corrupted when displayed - it is discolored and out of whack. We suspect a corrupted sample file since all other sample files display fine, but if you see anything like this, please let us know so we can track it down.

Download PocketLoupe beta v1.74b now

older versions (Pocket PC OS 2000 and 2002)

Starting with version 1.67b, PocketLoupe only supports Windows Mobile 2003 and later. If you use a Pocket PC with version 2002, you can only run version 1.63b or earlier. Versions 1.60 and 1.63b will be provided here for a limited time while customers migrate to Windows Mobile 2003. If you do not need Nikon D2h NEF support, we recommend v1.60, as it has been through our entire test suite, while v1.63b has not, and may therefore contain serious bugs.

Download PocketLoupe v1.60 (approx. 115KB)
Download PocketLoupe BETA version v1.63b (Nikon D2h NEF support) (approx. 110KB)

version history

Released Version Description
11/23/2005 1.74b Much improved support for recent Nikon .NEF files that contain large embedded JPEG versions of the image (e.g. D70s), plus support for Minolta 5D & 7D .MRW files.
09/27/2005 1.72b After deleting an image, the NEXT image is shown rather than the previous. If deleting a RAW file, a JPG with the same name can be deleted at the same time automatically (after a confirmation dialog).
06/08/2005 1.71b Support for automatically rotating images based on EXIF orientation flag.
05/11/2005 1.70 VGA, square, and rotated screen support under Windows Mobile 2003SE. Support for many more RAW file formats (see beta history below and the FAQ). Bug fixes including flicker reduction when panning/scrolling, correct writing of MRW thumbnails to a file, and 8-bit B&W JPEG support. Update of EXIF library to the same used in Pixfer for Windows XP. UI tweaks including border around histogram to clarify maximum/minimum range.
10/12/2004 1.69b Beta version fixes bugs under Windows Mobile 2003SE and adds preliminary support for Canon S60 & S70 .CRW, Fuji FinePix F700 .RAF, Canon 20D .CR2 and Minolta A2 .MRW formats. Fixed incorrect error message when installing under 2003SE. Fixed thumbnail text display issues in VGA and landscape modes. Other tweaks and minor bug fixes.
05/19/2004 1.67b Beta version supporting VGA resolution and portrait/landscape/square screen orientations under Pocket PC 2003SE. Added support for Canon .CR2 and Pentax .PEF files. Changed thumbnail saving to save to \plthm directory and base thumbnail filename on original filename. Starting with this version, only Pocket PC 2003 and later are supported - use an earlier version on older Pocket PC devices. Tweaks and minor bug fixes, primarily to thumbnail view.
11/26/2003 1.63b Beta version supporting Nikon D2h and D70 NEF files and 480x640 resolution on devices such as the Toshiba e805.
09/11/2003 1.60 Added support for Olympus ORF files, tested with E10 and c5050z images - only a tiny thumbnail is displayed (same as the thumb that appears on the camera's LCD screen). Added support for PocketLoupe LE license keys, which enable JPEG features, but disable all RAW image display. Reworked storage card detection to minimize impact of performance issues with Windows Mobile 2003, especially on Toshiba e755 devices. Made thumbnail view and image loading more reliable if device is heavily loaded or using a slow hard disk. Fixed bug with gamma resetting to 1.0 in some cases. Overhauled license key code - when trial period expires, images are blurred and displayed as negatives rather than completely disabling the application. Updated help file with a few corrections & additions. Full test pass completed against Windows Mobile 2003 operating system on a Toshiba e755 device.
04/23/2003 1.50 Added thumbnail view. Rotation can now be clockwise or counterclockwise. Modified scrolling direction on zoomed images based on user feedback. Streamlined interface for more toolbar-accessible functionality, and reorganized menu. Improved detection of storage card insertion & removal, and sped it up, especially when managing multiple cards. Fixed bug in ISO speed reporting for some CRW images. Improved error reporting. Modified thumbnail saving to be faster and more memory efficient. Minor other bug fixes and interface tweaks.
03/03/2003 1.40 Performance enhancements, especially for CRW file viewing and program launch time. Minolta MRW support. Associated .THM file data used for multiple raw formats. Gamma correction and RGB histogram support. Improved user interface and status reporting. Ability to write out JPEG thumbnails. Support for NEF files from cameras with updated firmware.
01/02/2003 1.26 Fixes problem with valid license keys disabling software after 12/31/2002.
12/16/2002 1.25 Added support for Nikon Coolpix 5000 NEF images and Fuji S2 RAF files. Added image rotation feature. Fixed several minor bugs. Improved error handling for JPEG library errors.
12/05/2002 1.20 Major speed improvements in image loading (new library gives 200-300% speed improvement in many cases) and bringing up the list of files. Reduced memory requirements, especially for dithered images. Fixed bugs in EXIF shutter speed and ISO data. Improved quality of 12-bit dithering. Added email and brighten features. Increased sensitivity for smoother dragging. Canon .CRW format fully supported. Miscellaneous other minor bug fixes.
11/06/2002 1.00 First full release. CRW support, but only as a beta.
10/07/2002 0.90b Public beta released.