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You can either run the Pixfer for Microsoft Windows XP Setup program directly from your browser, or save it to your hard drive and run it from there. When the Setup program is run, it automatically installs Pixfer on your Windows XP machine.

system requirements

latest released version

Download Pixfer v1.0.1 (PixferSetup.msi, ~160KB)

beta version

Please note that since this is a beta version, it may contain serious bugs. It has not been through our entire test suite. Do not use it with data that is not already backed up. Please send us bugs, comments, suggestions, etc at support@glasslantern.com.

No beta version currently available.

version history

Released Version Description
05/23/2005 1.0.1 Fixes bug in sequential numbering if no number of digits is specified, multiple user interface tweaks, additional renaming options for time/date of transfer, other minor bug fixes.
03/29/2005 1.0 Initial full release. Minor bug fixes and tweaks. Improved file verification. Wrote help/tutorial information (available on website).
03/22/2005 0.97b Significant bug fixes, including inability to launch correctly on some machines with unusual floppy drive configurations. Better error information for many cases. Improved flexibility for Job code support. More renaming options including sequential numbering, firmware version, camera model name, two digit year, and numbers from original filenames. Warnings added for maximum number of files in a single transfer. User interface improvements in final status and resetting information. Improved time remaining estimation. Full functionality enabled through April 20, 2005. This is planned to be the last beta before the 1.0 release.
02/16/2005 0.93b Many bug fixes, including fixing EXIF data reading from some files - date information was showing up as zeros in some file types. Added option to only transfer known file types. Added manual card eject button. Began speed optimization of renaming files - more still to be done. Added job code %J functionality (see FAQ). Duplicate files detected in more cases. Extensions now made lowercase during transfer. UI tweaks and performance improvements for better status (e.g. progress bar green while transferring & red on error, more frequent updating, better time estimation, etc). Improved error messages for SMART issues. Better memory usage - buffer memory freed after each transfer completes. Full functionality enabled through March 15, 2005.
01/13/2005 0.87b Initial beta release. Full functionality enabled through February 20, 2005.