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Pixfer for Pocket PC is no longer supported

Unfortunately, the options for large storage on Pocket PC devices have diminished over time. There are rumors of future devices that support solid USB host functionality, but at this time, Pixfer for Pocket PC is no longer a viable product. The information here about Pixfer for Pocket PC is maintained for use with the free license key included with every copy of PocketLoupe. The only way to purchase Pixfer for Pocket PC is to purchase PocketLoupe. If you purchased a Pixfer for Pocket PC license key in the past, we will attempt to provide technical support, but are no longer producing bug fixes or new versions.

Of course, Pixfer for Windows XP is still fully supported.

You can either run the Pixfer Setup program directly from your browser, or save it to your hard drive and run it from there. When the Setup program is run, it automatically installs Pixfer on your Pocket PC.

System requirements:

latest released version

This is the most recently released version of Pixfer. It will allow around 20 transfers, then will disable itself until you purchase a license key. Use is subject to the End User License Agreement provided during installation.

Download Pixfer v1.40 now (approx. 70KB)

Known issues:

  • When using large USB hard disks with the AnyPak USB driver, Pixfer can take a long time to launch - for large drives in certain configurations, it can take literally minutes. See the FAQ for more details, as well as suggestions for how to improve performance. We have only fully verified this issue under Windows Mobile 2003 on Toshiba e755 devices, although it may be present on other devices as well. A partial workaround is available in a beta version of Pixfer - see the beta version further down this page for details.
  • On the Toshiba e755 device, turning off the device screen (e.g. checking the "Blank screen & auto poweroff" option) can cause the device to hang after a few seconds if you are transferring to or from a USB drive. If this occurs, do not power off the screen during the transfer.
  • On iPaq and possibly other Pocket PC devices, the operating system sometimes returns incorrect information for the amount of the card used and free. If this information is wrong in Pixfer, look in Start->Settings->System->Memory->Storage Card. If it shows the correct information, please contact us.  If it is incorrect in the Memory applet, then the operating system is showing incorrect information. Soft-reset your device to correct this - even re-inserting the card does not always fix this problem.

beta version

On some Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile 2003, including the Toshiba e755, determining the size of the disk and how much is free and used can be extremely slow - multiple minutes in some cases. We have implemented our own code that is faster than what is included with the device. Pixfer beta version 1.41b uses this code to speed up these operations. If you are not having any performance issues, you will not benefit from this beta version. If you are experiencing performance issues with hard disks, you can try this out, and we would like to hear from you if it helps resolve the issue. Please note that since this is a beta version, it may contain serious bugs. It has not been through our entire test suite. Do not use it with data that is not already backed up.

Note that this beta does not address the screen poweroff issues mentioned above in the released version issue list. We are still investigating this issue.

Download BETA Pixfer v1.41b now (approx. 70KB)

The trial duration is the same as for the released version, and it will work with a purchased Pixfer license key.

version history

Released Version Description
09/11/2003 1.41b Beta version that attempts to partially work around performance issues under Windows Mobile 2003 when using hard disks on some devices, including USB drives, Microdrives, and any other hard disk device.
08/20/2003 1.40 Fixed bugs related to Windows Mobile 2003 operating system changes. Smarter information display to leave room for free/used space on large hard drives. Checks and prompts for moving from large card to smaller card in case user has accidentally reversed the to/from dropdowns. Additional camera support. Added "Fast dupe verification (spot check)" option for faster duplicate file checking (see help file for caveats on this feature). Pocket PC 2000 no longer officially supported, although most features may still work - only Pocket PC 2002 and later are now supported.
03/03/2003 1.30 Improved renaming support for more file types. Enhanced handling of THM file renaming. Files now organized into date stamped directories to ensure no single directory has too many files for the Windows CE filesystem. Minolta MRW file renaming supported.
12/31/2002 1.20 Updated UI to put option on main screen rather than menu. Added support for "PixferNotes" voice recording directory transfering. More image types can be renamed to time/date stamp. Added support for non-DCIM compatible cameras - all directories on storage cards are now transferred rather than just digital camera folders. Updated mechanism for calculating free/used information for drives to be more reliable. Other minor bug fixes.
10/08/2002 1.10 Several minor bug fixes, including status refresh problem after transfer completes. Added "Wipe card with zeros..." feature for fixing corrupted storage cards that won't format properly.
09/03/2002 1.00 First release.
07/24/2002 0.93b External beta.
06/28/2002 0.80b Internal beta.