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Pixfer for Pocket PC is no longer supported

Unfortunately, the options for large storage on Pocket PC devices have diminished over time. There are rumors of future devices that support solid USB host functionality, but at this time, Pixfer for Pocket PC is no longer a viable product. The information here about Pixfer for Pocket PC is maintained for use with the free license key included with every copy of PocketLoupe. The only way to purchase Pixfer for Pocket PC is to purchase PocketLoupe. If you purchased a Pixfer for Pocket PC license key in the past, we will attempt to provide technical support, but are no longer producing bug fixes or new versions.

Of course, Pixfer for Windows XP is still fully supported.

Pixfer is a Pocket PC program that transfers images from expensive storage cards to inexpensive hard disks. If you aren't familiar with the Pocket PC platform, full details on equipment selection can be found in our Pocket PC Digital Photography Resources article. Or, for an example of Pixfer in action, read this article about a trip to Seattle, including five days of hiking and camping with a Nikon D1x digital camera.

The main screen, shown below, provides status on the progress of the transfer, indicating how many total files have been transferred and how many remain. The top dropdown selects the storage card that contains the pictures you want to transfer. The bottom dropdown selects the storage card that you want to hold the pictures when the transfer is complete. A transfer can be stopped at any time if you need to use the card.

Any storage type that appears as a standard storage card in your Pocket PC can be used with Pixfer. See this article for some specific storage ideas. Pixfer's advantages include:

For more information on how to actually use Pixfer, see the help file. For more information about speed, battery life, and other specific questions, see the Pixfer FAQ.