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CalTrack is a Pocket PC weight management software application that helps you track the number of calories you expend vs. the number that you consume each day. It keeps a running counter of your total net calorie history for multiple days, allowing you to balance high and low calorie days. CalTrack's main features include:

The CalTrack main screen gives you all of the status you need to monitor your calories for the current day and over time:

Tap one of the calorie cells to enter calories for a snack or meal. In the input panel, either tap one of the preset numbers to enter the calories, or type in any number of calories in the type-in field. The last five custom numbers you enter are remembered for future use, without the need to type them in again. The negative numbers are used if you exercise and unusual amount that day.

If you need to look up the number of calories in a particular food, tap the foods icon (apple) at the bottom of the screen. Type in the food you are looking for, select the exact match in the list of matching foods, then choose the portion size that you consumed. Enter the number of portions, and the total calories are entered into the calorie cell you tapped in the main screen.


That's it! Tracking your calories couldn't be easier, since CalTrack automatically handles all of the calculations and tracking for you! See the Help page for more detailed explanations of the CalTrack features. Download the free trial to see if it works for you.

Warning: Children, infants, heavily muscled, ill, pregnant or lactating people may not be accurately portrayed by CalTrack calculations. Always consult your doctor before significant weight loss/gain. All use is at your own risk, as specified in the End User License Agreement you must agree to during installation.