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NOTE: This is the same help you will find on the device, accessed via Start > Help.

CalTrack Help

Disclaimer & Overview
Weight Loss Concepts
Basic Use
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Calorie Input Panel - Numbers
Calorie Input Panel - Foods
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Disclaimer & Overview

Use is subject to the End User License Agreement provided during installation. Children, heavily muscled, ill, pregnant or lactating people may not be accurately portrayed by CalTrack calculations. Always consult your doctor before significant weight loss/gain.

CalTrack is a Pocket PC application designed to assist in weight management by helping you to track the number of calories you expend vs. the number that you consume each day. In addition, CalTrack keeps a running counter of your total net calorie history for multiple days, allowing you to balance high and low calorie days. To assist in determining calories in foods, CalTrack includes a USDA database of over 6,000 items in over 11,000 portion sizes.

Food database source: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. 2001. USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 14. Nutrient Data Laboratory Home Page, http://www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/foodcomp.

Weight Loss

Weight control can be very difficult since it requires balancing the calories you eat and expend through physical activity. Precisely measuring the number of calories you expend can only be done in a laboratory. Therefore, CalTrack uses a standard formula (Harris-Benedict) to estimate your energy expenditure. Tracking calories consumed is also difficult, but is made easier by using the nutrition labels on all packaged foods in the USA and the CalTrack food database. Some useful facts & resources:

Basic Use

  1. Enter your personal information at the top-left of the main screen.
  2. As you eat throughout the day, tap the cells in the lower half of the screen and enter the calories that you eat.
  3. The big number in the upper-right corner tells you how many calories you have netted for the day. A negative number means you're burning fat; a positive number means you're gaining fat.
  4. Each day, do Reset > New Day... to get a clean slate for a new day of eating and exercising.
  5. Every week or so (preferably when you weigh yourself), reset your data to get a clean slate.

Main Screen Details

The main CalTrack screen contains pretty much everything you need to monitor your calories on a day-to-day basis. On the upper-left side of the main screen, enter your personal information, including:

On the upper-right side of the main screen, your current status is displayed:




Underweight (negative health impact)


Good weight


Overweight (negative health impact)


Obese (large negative health impact)

Finally, the bottom of the main display shows a grid of slots, each of which can be tapped to enter the calories for something you have eaten. When you tap one of these slots, you will see the calorie input panel.

Calorie Input Panel -- Numbers

The input screen allows you to enter the calories you have eaten. At the top of the input screen, you can type in a specific number of calories. Below the type-in area, you see the last five custom calorie numbers you typed in, since you are likely to use them again by eating the same food. Finally, you can choose one of the preset buttons to enter that number of calories quickly.

Note that there are negative calories on the bottom of the input screen, in case you do an unusual amount of physical activity, such as run a marathon -- negative numbers allow you to enter the calorie expenditure.

If you don't know how many calories are in the food you just ate, tap the apple button in the command bar at the bottom of the screen to search the food database.

Calorie Input Panel -- Foods

The food database allows you to search for over 6,000 foods to find their calorie values.

When you return to the foods panel in the future, you can access previous searches via the dropdown arrow in the search field.


When you are done eating for the day, use the Reset menu at the bottom of the screen to move to a new day. This adds the net calories from the current day to the n-day net history counter, and clears all of the information so you can start entering information for a new day. The complete functionality of the Reset menu is:

Menu Option              


New Day...

Moves to a new day, adding net calories to the n-day net history counter.

Reset Data...

Throws away all of the calorie information for the current user. Preserves personal information such as age and height.

The only option is to switch between users. Since each user's data is independent, multiple people can use the same device to track their calories. Or, you can use one of the other users to do "what-if" scenarios without altering your real data.

Tips & Tricks

Purchase & Contact

The trial version of CalTrack will gradually disable its features. To re-enable all of CalTrack's features and prevent the About... panel from being displayed as a reminder, purchase a registration key at http://www.glasslantern.com. You must register within 21 days of your first use of CalTrack. Once you have purchased a registration key, enter it into the About... panel and tap OK. If the key is valid, all features will be enabled and you will not see any purchase reminders. If the key is not valid, you will continue to see reminders and some features will not function.

Send bug reports and comments to support@glasslantern.com. Please include:

Future Features?

Some of the features being considered for future releases:

Send new ideas or comments to support@glasslantern.com.