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You can either run the CalTrack Setup program directly from your browser, or save it to your hard drive and run it from there. When the Setup program is run, it will install the program on your Pocket PC.

System requirements:

Use is subject to the End User License Agreement provided during installation.

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version history

Released Version Description
09/11/2003 1.14 Tested under Windows Mobile 2003.
09/03/2002 1.14 Simplified installation tool - no temporary install necessary.
12/07/2001 1.13 Bug fixes. Performance enhancements to searching. Note that downloads of this release before 1/1/2002 had a problem with the installer -- the current download resolves this issue if you were unable to install.
11/20/2001 1.10 Added USDA food database and online help system; limited release for testing.
10/15/2001 1.00 Completed rewrite in Visual C++ for better performance / maintainability. NOTE: If upgrading from previous CalTrack version, uninstall the old version first via Start>Settings>System>Remove Programs.
07/15/2001 0.93 Added MRU list of 5 most recent custom inputs in Calorie Panel
Corrupt registry detection & recovery
Added online help system on handheld (Start > Help)
Made custom field clear itself on OK from input panel
02/05/2001 0.90 Initial release. (Visual Basic version)