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Hard disk storage with a Pocket PC
October 9, 2003

Although there are a variety of possible solutions for connecting a hard disk to a Pocket PC, we currently only recommend two kits.

Kit #1: Maximum portability, low power, good speed

(note: iPaq 3600 shown, not a 5555)

This kit is highly portable, uses minimal power, and has the fastest transfer we're aware of with a Pocket PC. It is pretty expensive, but you can use it on the go and in your camera bag with no problems. As shown above, you insert your Compact Flash card into one of the expansion pack's two slots, and the PCMCIA hard drive into the other. Pixfer then transfers the images off of the CF card onto the drive. The advantages of this kit include:


Kit #2: Large capacity, low cost

This kit can work fine if you have power and room to lay everything out each evening to do your transfers, but does not work as well if you are transferring on the go with the Pocket PC in your camera bag. We recommend this kit if you have enough cards to get through an entire day of shooting, then need to transfer to disk at the end of the day. The advantages of this kit are:


Notes on other possible solutions

Although we do not recommend these options due to the drawbacks mentioned in the descriptions below, they may be useful for some of you, or at least give you an indication of why we do not recommend them.

Future possibilities

Hopefully more and more options will become available for storing large amounts of data with a Pocket PC. Some possibilities include:

Power management & accessories

If you're out of battery power, your Pocket PC will do an excellent imitation of a paperweight. Fortunately, it isn't difficult or expensive to bring along some extra power. First, some general battery tips:

Even with these tips, Pocket PC will still eventually run out of power, but there are many solutions for getting more even when you are away from an outlet. With all of these options, make sure you get a cable and connector that will work with your specific Pocket PC. Fortunately, many of the Pocket PC devices use the same connector.

Update History


Added link & note about some users getting the Storage Brick driver working under Pocket PC 2003.


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