October 31, 2007: Glass Lantern, LLC has ceased operation. No further orders may be placed, and no further support can be provided, as the company is now dissolved. Thanks to those who supported us!


Better software everywhere you go.

carry less, accomplish more
Digital photography has changed the way professionals and amateurs capture, store and display images. Despite the many advantages that make the switch worthwhile, digital imaging has significant problems that photographers must overcome...such as carrying around tons of equipment. While many digital photography products quickly become obsolete, a general device such as the Pocket PC grows with you. We design and create software that lets you do more with less equipment.

streamline workflow, improve quality
If you can't get the quality you need, digital's advantages are quickly overwhelmed. You can't compromise quality for convenience...but you shouldn't have to choose. Current and upcoming products make it easier to get the eye-popping image quality you and your clients require, without endless Photoshop tweaking.

think pictures, not technology
It isn't enough to throw technology out there with a manual that just describes what each button does. By describing products in actual use, we provide examples for how to effectively integrate our tools into your workflow. If technology fails or is hard to use, it can prevent you from getting the best image. Glass Lantern's software is not only functional and highly reliable, but also ranks among the best-designed Pocket PC software. In a mobile environment, "Less is more." An overwhelming cascade of indecipherable options, flashy graphics, cluttered layouts, and ill-thought-through features results in more complication than it is worth. The alternative? Just include the critical features that are truly required, honed to the highest standards of usability and reliability.

more to life than photography?
Even the most hard-core photographer is also a human being. Although digital photography is the core of our business, we also produce software for other areas of your life. Of course, all of our products are designed and tested to the same level as our core product suite.


Glass Lantern, LLC was founded by Jeff Blum. His background includes over 7 years of experience creating mobile devices and software, including a Lead Program Management position on the Pocket PC team at Microsoft Corp. This experience is coupled with a B.S.E. in Computer Science, enabling Glass Lantern to deliver a strong suite of products for digital photography and mobile computing. A resume is available.


Glass Lantern, LLC
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