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RAWpository - The Images

The RAWpository is a collection of sample RAW format images from a wide variety of digital cameras. We seek samples for each firmware update of every camera that produces RAW format images. The purpose of this collection is to provide software developers with at least a few sample images to use when analyzing file formats and testing their software. In addition, we expect these files to be useful to the digital photography community as a "canary in the coalmine" for potential RAW issues by providing a standard set of images to refer to while discussing RAW issues.

Of course, the ideal situation is that all RAW formats would be fully documented and open. The OpenRAW project seeks to accomplish this. The RAWpository will hopefully be unnecessary at some point in the near future. All images are freely usable for any purpose.

Note: This is only a very small portion of the cameras/firmware versions we want files for. If you have a camera not currently in the table below, PLEASE submit an image. We want all RAW file types, from pro/non-pro, SLR, point&shoot, and any other type of camera.

Maker Model Firmware #1 #2 #3 #4
Nikon D1
D1X 1.01 NEF
1.10 NEF
D1H 1.00
D2Xs 1.00 NEF
D100 2.00 NEF
D50 1.00 NEF NEF+ JPEG
D40 1.00 NEF+ JPEG
D70 1.01 NEF+ JPEG
1.02 NEF+ JPEG
2.00 NEF
D70s 1.00 NEF
D200 1.00 NEF+ JPEG
2.00 NEF+ JPEG
Canon EOS Rebel 1.1.1 CRW THM No #1 THM
EOS 10D 2.0.1 CRW THM
EOS 20D 1.1.0 CR2
2.0.3 CR2  JPG
EOS 30D 1.0.4 CR2 JPG CR2 JPG CR2 JPG JPG All 4 samples from same photographer.
EOS 40D 1.0.3 CR2
EOS 300D 1.0.2 CRW THM JPG*
EOS 350D 1.0.3 CR2+ JPEG
EOS D60 1.0.4 CRW THM CRW THM CRW THM 1-3 by same person
Powershot G6 1.00 CRW THM
Konica/Minolta 7D 1.10 MRW MRW  JPG
Fujifilm FinePixS2Pro 1.00 RAF TIF*
FinePixS3Pro 2.12 RAF
F700 2.00 RAF
Olympus E-500 1.2 ORF+ JPEG ORF+ JPEG ORF+ JPEG

*Should be replaced with image from a different photographer, typically since one or more other files from the same camera&firmware version were taken by the same photographer.


REQUIREMENTS For Submitting Images

If a sample file is missing from our list (or if the camera or firmware version isn't listed at all), we'd love to receive your contribution, but please read ALL of the guidelines in this section before contacting us. We seek four samples from each camera/firmware combination from different photographers, and give preference for significantly different images (scene type, flash used, lens, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, etc) compared to what we already have. The following requirements apply:


Guidelines (NOT REQUIREMENTS) For Submitting Images

Ideally, we'd like to see the following mix, but this exact makeup is NOT REQUIRED. Simply use this as a guideline for varying the images...but we'd much rather have any sample than no sample at all. Note that you can only submit one of these samples, and not all four - take a look above to see what we're missing, and if you try and hit the guidelines for one of these, let us know which one so we can put it in the correct place.

Sample #1
Shutter speed at least 1/500 second
Lowest ISO possible on camera
Sample #2
Taken on a DIFFERENT day than Sample #1
DIFFERENT lens than Sample #1
Indoors under primarily tungsten lighting
Shutter speed below 1/250 second
Different aperture setting than Sample #1
Highest ISO possible on camera (i.e. HI-2 for a Nikon D1x NEF file)
If camera has a RAW+JPEG mode, include the JPEG version of the image as well while shooting in this mode.
Sample #3
Flash turned on
Widest aperture lens supports
Sample #4
Top quality JPEG mode - NOT taken using RAW+JPEG mode
No flash
Smallest aperture lens supports


Submitting the image(s)

We prefer that you post images on your website so we can download them. Please leave the images on your site for at least one week - it can take us a bit of time to download, verify and post them. Do not email us asking for status on your submission unless you have not heard from us for over a week, and they are still not posted to the site. If you cannot post them for download, you can email them to our gmail account. Gmail currently allows total attachments of up to 10MB, so the entire message must fit under that limit. If you need to send multiple emails to get under this limit, you must include the entire text below in each message.

Submitted images (if accepted) will be made freely available on the RAWpository website, and be freely downloaded, modified, mashed up, and redistributed. You explicitly give up any control over how they are used, manipulated, and distributed. The entire point of the RAWpository is to have freely available RAW sample images usable for any purpose. If you wish to control how the images are used and distributed, please do not submit them to this project. In addition, we may replace or remove images at any time for any reason. Images will be posted without attribution.

You must send us email in exactly the following format - just copy/paste this and fill it out. If it isn't in this format with all parts included, the images will not be accepted. Please note that all of the information you provide in the email may be transferred to another party and/or posted to the internet, especially if, for example, the archive is transferred to another organization to continue its maintenance.


TO: rawpository@glasslantern.com (ONLY if submitting LINKS to images)
TO: rawpository@gmail.com (ONLY if submitting ATTACHED IMAGES in the email itself)
Please consider the images linked in this email for addition to the RAWpository project.
I, the creator and copyright holder of this work, hereby publish all images
linked or attached in this email under the following license:
The copyright holder of this image allows anyone to use it for any purpose,
including unrestricted redistribution, commercial use, and modification.
In addition, I understand and agree that all of the information in this email may also
be used in any way, including freely posted on the internet, distributed with the
images, and/or transferred to another party.
I have read and followed all of the requirements for sample images described on the
RAWpository website.
Camera Manufacturer:
Camera Model:
Firmware version:
<Repeat below two lines for each image or file you are submitting>
Image URL / download location / filename:
Description: <just a brief statement like "a view of my backyard on a cloudy day" or whatever>
<Any notes you want to tell us about.>
<your full name>
<your physical address, including country>
<your email address>




Don't you need many more samples to accurately reverse-engineer color, demosaicing, etc?
Yes. If you need to really dig in on color issues, demosaicing, or unencrypting hidden information, you'll likely need many more very specific images to do this. Hopefully the RAWpository provides you with at least a starting point and perhaps pointed out the issue to you in the first place.

Why do you require a JPEG for sample #4?
JPEG is a well known format, and having a more standard format sample image from the same camera as a RAW image may assist in figuring out the RAW format data.

I got a sample image from here a few months ago, and now it is gone. Where did it go?
If there is no sample at all for that model, we likely discovered a problem with the image(s) submitted and removed them. It might have been modified in another program, . If there is a different sample than you saw previously, we may also have simply changed it because we liked the new one better.

Can I download all of the images at once? Can I get a CD/DVD containing all of the images?
Not at this time. If you would like to volunteer to maintain this, please let us know. Some ideas include a monthly update CD/DVD, a bittorrent, or individual sets broken down by manufacturer or other criteria.

Open Issues


Revision History

Released Contact Changes
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02/09/2006 jeffbl@glasslantern.com Relaxed image requirements. Updated email to mention that all requirements have been read.
01/31/2006 jeffbl@glasslantern.com Minor updates throughout. Posted live and ready for accepting sample images. Added first few sample images.
12/06/2005 jeffbl@glasslantern.com Updated license information from public domain release (not valid outside of US) to a license the Creative Commons.
11/30/2005 jeffbl@glasslantern.com Overhauled so we can start getting samples. Removed documentation section.
11/22/2005 jeffbl@glasslantern.com Comments incorporated from Bertho Boman on OpenRAW forum.
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